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20 octobre 2007

Latest news from France and Japan

Hello dear english speaking friends :o)

It's been a while I haven't posted in English : some of you might have understood a few things from the french posts (good way to work your language skills, huh?) , but I need to cater for all my dear friends ;o)

So what's been happening in Tokyo these last days ?

The Todoroki house is ours. Actually, we had hoped for another house, slightly bigger, with more cupboards and also just in front of the school we want to put Romane in. The downside of this other house was its distance from the nearest tube station (15 minutes),which wasn't what Nicolas had hoped for initially. After some hesitations, we prefered this second house... but someone else got it before us. That leaves us with the Todoroki house, smaller, 18 minutes walk exactly  from the Keiki School (at a relatively slow pace), but very close from shops and a tube station. Nicolas compares the area to Portobello in terms of what we will be able to find (not atmosphere of course). Pictures and floor plan can be found on the right hand side of this page (albums). Now he needs to set up the delivery of our furniture : these have been in Japan since the 12th of October and Sterling should cater for settling up the house. One set back is our bookshelves, a piece of furniture that had been given to me by me grand father : apparently the ceiling will be too low for it. I need to decide what to do with it : sell it ? find someone that will be able to keep it for us while we are in Japan...    

Now that the housing problem is almost resolved, Nicolas is enjoying his first week end as a tourist. He is looking for a new cell phone (we will discover japan technology) and walking around the city... Normally, he should be back in Paris for three weeks on the 3rd of November... but events in Paris might change this...

Actually, this week has been quite a roaller coaster for me, miniboy and my family. I had 2 major fears : giving birth without Nicolas around, and giving birth during the huge strike that public service employees had planned on the 18th of October... and actually labour pains started on the night of the 16/17th October ! With me moving at my parents, the franco-british hospital is now far away (at least 45 min by car), and on a strike day, Paris can be completely paralized. On wednesday morning, as labor pains grew stronger, I decided to go there and I had to negotiate with midwives and obgyn for me to stay the night : it was indeed a false labour but if true labour was to start on the day of the strike, I was then at the right place to give birth and not stuck at home.  Labour pains continued until mid afternoon wednesday. On thursday I didn't have any : fortunately for me and Nicolas it was really a false alarm. On thursday night my sister and brother in law drove me back home, where I have decided to stay put until Nicolas is back. I am seeing the doctor again on Tuesday 23rd, and we will evaluate the situation : if needed Nicolas will advance is stay in Paris...

So, things are progressing... in a few days, once miniboy is here with us, we will plan our trip to Tokyo. I will let you know all about it of course.

Don't hesitate to ask any question, or post a comment, I am always delighted at reading them :o)



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  • pour l'armoire....

    si c'est vraiment une vieille piece, tu dois peut etre pouvoir l'installer sans la piece de bois qui fait "cadre" au sommet de l'armoire....c'est moins joli mais réduit la hauteur de l'engin de quelques cm....

    m. qui a aussi une vieille armoire

    Posté par mauricette, 20 octobre 2007 à 18:36
  • Malheureusement...

    c'est une bibliothèque, de facture moderne (années 90, en bois massif) : la seule solution serait de scier le bas, mais du coup je ne suis pas sure de sa stabilité... et j'ai pas le matos !
    merci pour la suggestion mauricette

    Posté par Flo, 20 octobre 2007 à 19:00
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