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27 avril 2008

Who are you ?

Big Brother is watching you ! almost... My statistics are indicating that someone is regularly translating this blog from an Internet translator. The result is quite comical, have a look at the post on Dorian's first tooth, with the french sentence first and its translation in English:

Premiere tooth

Ce jour, Dorian nous sorti sa première dent. Today, we Dorian released its first tooth. En bas comme il se doit, il ronchonne mais ne semble pas trop souffrir. At the bottom as it should, ronchonne but it does not seem to suffer too. Je dégaine la camomille au bon moment et tout va mieux. I dégaine chamomile at the right time and everything is better. Ayant ressorti le babycook de son carton hier matin, on peut dire que cette premiere quenotte est synchrone. Having emerged from the babycook its board yesterday morning, one can say that this is the first quenotte synchronous.
Du cote de Romane, la saga propreté est toujours en cours. On the side of Romane, cleanliness saga is still ongoing. En jeu, de belles culottes Hello Kitty qu'elle portera quand elle acceptera d'aller sur le pot ou les toilettes systématiquement. On Thursday, beautiful Hello Kitty panties she will when she agrees to go to the toilet pot or systematically. Un jour c'est oui, un jour c'est non... One day it's yes, a day that is not ... on prend notre mal en patience... it takes evil to our patience ...

PS : contrairement à la rumeur qui court sur la blogosphere, l'anniversaire de Romane est le 26 Avril, et non le 21 ;o) PS: Contrary to the rumor that runs on the blogosphere, Romane's birthday is April 26, not 21; o)

Reading the blog like this must be quite painful actually. This example is still simple to understand, but for longer articles I wonder if it really works. But the real question is : Who are you ? a friend of mine (Lisa ? Louise ? Karen ?...) or a total stranger ? Please let me know !
Whoever you are, I owe you an apology : I intendend to write in English from time to time, but quickly forgot about this promise... and every time I have to write in English I am feeling my fingers rusty and lazy ! I am indeed loosing a lot of my ability to speak and write. I do not have my weekly Heat magazine, and I watch less movies/TV series. Funnily I use my english almost everyday here but a strange english that has to be very basic so that my japanese counterparts can understand me faster. Maybe I should write an english summary every week, that could be a good way to maintain my language skills. But, I'll do it only on one condition : that my english reader(s) let me know who they are ;o)

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    Last time I was in London I saw Louise with Lisa and they both mentioned meaning to go on to your blog to keep up with your news. I didn't get the impression that they had been reading but who knows. I told them that you mostly posted in French these days... Intriguing. You'll let us know how this pans out.

    Posté par Nico fille, 27 avril 2008 à 17:56
  • And you know the solution to heat deprivation: http://www.heatworld.com/default.aspx

    Or you have to invest £250 for an annual subscription to Japan! Makes Europe seem cheap at £125!

    Posté par Nico fille, 27 avril 2008 à 18:06
    Je peux pas m'empêcher de rire, vu qu'en octobre a y est je serai traductrice professionnelle...

    Posté par bibsa, 27 avril 2008 à 19:36
  • je jure, c'est pas moi qui traduit ton blog en francais!!
    trop marrant la traduction!!
    oh lalallaalaala comme dirait Romane

    Posté par Gigi, 28 avril 2008 à 04:30

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