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30 septembre 2007

Some news of houses and schools

(plus de détails en francais dans le billet précédent !)

Hello !

premienakamachi2007_09_21_20_01_55today Nicolas told me about his visits of houses and schools. I am quite excited : he has found a place to live that matches a lot of our criteria, 3 bedrooms, 2 floors (almost like a house) and 3 minutes walking distance from a tube station... you can find details at this link. He will get back there to check some details on thursday and hopefully will send me pictures !

He has visited 2 schools, one very expensive, the other much smaller : Apple House. This last one has our preference, not only because of the price, but for its smaller environment and simpler educationnal approach. It is quite close from the house quoted above (20 min walk, 1 tube station).

Nicolas is still researching, but to be honest I am quite happy at what he found so far...

More news asap !!!

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