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23 septembre 2007

Welcome to my blog

Hello all !!!

as I have many english speaking friends, I will post in english from time to time... It will not be as much detailed as in the french version, but it will give you the gist of what's happening for us in Japan.

So actually, I am NOT in Japan yet : Nicolas has left a week ago and will be returning early November for the birth of our second child. Travelling there now and taking care of finding a flat and Romane at the same time would have been too dangerous to manage for me, and I certainly don't want an early birth...

Nicolas has started work last tuesday, and has taken care of setting up his bank account. He has also started to look up for a flat for us to live in, and, as I had planned, Setagaya Ku is a nice area to settle in. I am impatient to know more and to see pictures of theses flats and houses (yesss ! a house is possible as well, that would be ideal !) .

As for myself I am back at my parents, and enjoying a lot these last week in Paris, especially in this area (6e arrdt) . The only problem is that my pregnancy is restricting what I can do... but that's for a good cause.

A bientot !


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    Impressionant ton site! Hope baby is well. Hope Romane is well. Nicolas too.

    Discovered any weird new sexual practices from the nips yet? (jon's comment...)

    Bisous ma belle

    Peggy & jon

    Posté par Peggy, 26 septembre 2007 à 21:47
  • Piece of cake my dear :o)

    c'est bcp plus facile à faire que ca en a l'air...
    And John, not yet, but I will certainly keep you posted

    Posté par Flo, 26 septembre 2007 à 22:05

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